eBay auctions for the month of May 2019

We’re sure many people out there that read this site are going “what does this have to do with Amusement Films?”-and to be honest, we’re right there with you.  In between our no-budget productions, we’re trying to clear out our toy warehouse.  We’ve let it build up over the years and now it’s time to move it out!  So we’ve been doing eBay auctions of stuff we collected over the years (then it will be back to no-budget productions!!).

So for the month of May we’ll be having 3 auctions-you can see them here!  The 1st auction will be Sunday May 5th after 8pm (EST).  So check back each week (if you like toys that is).  Here’s a preview of what we are offering:

eBay Auction for May 2019



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