eBay auctions for the month of May 2019

We’re sure many people out there that read this site are going “what does this have to do with Amusement Films?”-and to be honest, we’re right there with you.  In between our no-budget productions, we’re trying to clear out our toy warehouse.  We’ve let it build up over the years and now it’s time to move it out!  So we’ve been doing eBay auctions of stuff we collected over the years (then it will be back to no-budget productions!!).

So for the month of May we’ll be having 3 auctions-you can see them here!  The 1st auction will be Sunday May 5th after 8pm (EST).  So check back each week (if you like toys that is).  Here’s a preview of what we are offering:

eBay Auction for May 2019



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This week on eBay!

There are some great figures up for auction on eBay this week!  See it here!


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April eBay Auctions!

Yes, we’re back!  We will be auctioning off these great toys over the next two weeks!  Find them HERE!

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New Week New eBay Auction!

We’ve got some fun stuff for this week!  You know we really LOVE the 80s!!

See them here!

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80s Toys up for auction…AF is at it again!!

Here are some of the items up for bid over the next two weeks.  See them here!

eBay 1



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The Return of El Frenetico & Go-Girl!

We’ve been trying to remaster the original El Frenetico & Go-Girl!  The original webseries (done before there was a web)!

Let us know what you think! Maybe we’ll do the other episodes!!

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We Might Be An Auction Site

I know this page started as the Amusement Films webpage.  And we had a web series (two years old now)-so that was most of the updates.  Now, we’re getting rid of our toys so this site is now our auction promo site (sorry film fans).  But if AF does another production (and/or promotion) we’ll update here (honest).  Okay, with that said here is our NEW auction for the next two weeks on eBay!  You can see the listing HERE!  80s toys…that’s us!!  Thanks for looking!


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