Three Cases for C.C. Brite FREE DOWNLOAD



Folks-everyone keeps bugging me about how to get CC Brite.  I can’t GIVE it to you guys!  I post a free 7 day download-it runs out, I get a comment “oh I missed it, can you do it again?”-Okay, this is the LAST TIME!  You missed it, you missed it!

I hope if you do download it you’ll follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook (let’s face it, nothing in life is free).

The clock is ticking!

Download here!

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5 Responses to Three Cases for C.C. Brite FREE DOWNLOAD

  1. Mr. Irony says:

    Any chance of ever seeing the unused footage? The trailers seemed to suggest there was a lot of material that didn’t make it into the final cut.

  2. Marcos says:

    Hi! How I can get a copy of Free CC Brite…? time ago I did get Elfrenetico and go-girl and The Girls From HARM (VHS).

  3. Gilles27 says:

    Please send again file i missed it 😦

  4. Steve H says:


    I had a copy of “El Frenetico and Go-Giril” from years ago and can’t find it. I would also like a copy of whatever is available fo “C.C. Brite” Is there any way to get these? Thank you.

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