We Might Be On Amazon Prime!

Okay folks you can now watch us on Amazon Prime!  FREE!! for Prime members!

Please watch and rate-we need the views!  PLEASE HELP US!  Thanks!!


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We Might Be Cosplaying….again!

Yes, that’s right-our FAVORITE cosplayer Rebecca Greenflower is at it again!  At last year’s Lunacon, she cosplayed as Faith.  At this year’s Lunacon (about a month ago) she went has Hope!  I see a trend!  YAY!  THANKS REBECCA!!

DSC03375Cosplayer-Rebecca Greenflower-Hope1

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Girls from HARM! Star does Commercial!

Yes, back in the day Ary Nunez did a commercial for Circuit City.  Ary starred in the Girls from HARM! an Amusement Films production from 2000!  In the commercial she starred as Rene Ramirez a singer/martial artist (isn’t everyone that?).  Lots of fun and she was great!


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A quick change for CC Brite

Now that the series is over we’re trying to decide what to do next.  While going through some old footage, we found a fun clip of CC Brite (Jessica Jolly) doing a quick change.

Made us laugh. We’re thinking about a reboot….maybe?

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Ep 30: The Chicken Danvers All American Funtime Show!

Welcome to the LAST episode of We Might Be Superheroes!
When is a clip show not a clip show? When it’s curated by yer friendly neighborhood nut job, Chicken Danvers! Is it real? Is it all in his mind? You decide!!! This is the final episode of We Might Be Superheroes! Let’s all wish Faith and Hope a wonderful goodbye!
Starring Alex Covington & Rica de Ocampo special guest star Lawrence Sufrin
Thanks to all the folks that have watched and enjoyed this little show! You were wonderful!! THANKS!!! Time to say goodbye and good luck to our accidental super duo!

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Ep 29: Shades of Nice!

See Riley’s (Rica de Ocampo) dark past catch up with her! See Christine (Alex Covington) getting a credit card rejection! See how that leads inexplicably to a Battle Royale for the ages! See why, when Good & Evil change places, it all just becomes: “Shades of Nice!!!”
This week’s episode stars Karla Bruning as Nyoka Shade & Daria Morra as Troya Nice!

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Ep 28: Hacked Is The New Black!

In our third to last episode….An over reliance on technology can be deadly! Watch Christine (Alex Covington) & Riley (Rica de Ocampo) battle Ear Worms, YouTube fatigue, & even darker threats on the horizon! See why: “Hacked is the New Black!!!”
Special Guest star Karla Burning! Star of the Amusement Films’ cult favorite “It’s A Haunted Happenin‘!”

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