Ep 29: Shades of Nice!

See Riley’s (Rica de Ocampo) dark past catch up with her! See Christine (Alex Covington) getting a credit card rejection! See how that leads inexplicably to a Battle Royale for the ages! See why, when Good & Evil change places, it all just becomes: “Shades of Nice!!!”
This week’s episode stars Karla Bruning as Nyoka Shade & Daria Morra as Troya Nice!

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Ep 28: Hacked Is The New Black!

In our third to last episode….An over reliance on technology can be deadly! Watch Christine (Alex Covington) & Riley (Rica de Ocampo) battle Ear Worms, YouTube fatigue, & even darker threats on the horizon! See why: “Hacked is the New Black!!!”
Special Guest star Karla Burning! Star of the Amusement Films’ cult favorite “It’s A Haunted Happenin‘!”

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Episode 27: When Strikes….The Bad Burrito!

We enter into the final 4 episodes of We Might Be Superheroes!

This week: Get ready to go on a journey to…somewhere. When Good Foods Go Wrong. When Snacks Roamed the Earth. When Strikes…the Bad Burrito!!!
(starring, Rica de Ocampo as Hope & Alex Covington as Faith)

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We Might Be Podcasting!

Rica de Ocampo & Alex Covington had a great time on Pitch It-Podcast!  Our friends The Ghouligans have a new podcast and we were lucky enough to be on it!  No new episode this week.  We are down to our final 4 episodes!  Next episode is 10/05/16!!  Please enjoy the podcast!  Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook!


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Episode 26: Trap to Nowhere!

Ever wonder what happens in the time after the villain captures the heroes, but before they wind up in a sinister deathtrap?  This episode is about that time.  Can Dirk & Snide (two bumbling henchmen) get the job done? (Damn those death trap instructions in Swedish!)  Hope (Rica de Ocampo) & Faith (Alex Covington) literally have their lives hanging in the balance!  This week’s guest villain is returning infamous fiend, Heinrich Syphon (Jon Sanborne)!


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Episode 25: Law & Orderlies

Faith (Alex Covington) & Hope (Rica de Ocampo) find themselves in the police station wrapping up one of their recent adventures.  This week’s episode stars Esmeralda Singh and Tom Ciorciari!  Remember to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!

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Episode 24: Hero of the Block!

While on routine patrol Hope (Rica de Ocampo) & Faith (Alex Covington) encounter a new type of superhero called Solid Citizen (Luke Bishow).  This episode was directed by John Bishow-Semevolos!

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