Updated We Might Be Superheroes Review! WebVeeGuide!


“I had the pleasure of interviewing both Rica and Alex in between seasons, and they promised that Season 2 would be even better than Season 1…and they were totally right. I often find that the second season of a show is better from a production standpoint, as the team have gotten into a groove and learned from early mistakes, but that the writing is often lackluster. Some ideas just don’t have multiple seasons in them. NOT THE CASE HERE! While the production values have all taken a step forward, so has the writing! This might be the most consistent mix of silly and badass you’ll find on the internet (the place where silly badassery is born). I’m serious, Watch it.”-Kyle Price-Livingston, Amy Marie WebveeGuide

Wow, THANKS Amy & Kyle!  You can read the full review here

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