We Might Be Going Back to the 80s!



Back in the day (actually 1985-86) I directed a straight to video horror film called the Soultangler.

Well a funny thing happened….Bleeding Skull and Mondotees have decided people need to see it.  So they decided to screened at the Alamo Draft House on Sunday 9/21/14 for Fantastic Fest!

What an honor!  I keeps asking them “you’ve seen the film right?” but they still want to show it.  I can’t to get there!

Info  here

Bleeding Skull! Video presents the first-ever theatrical screening of the long-lost, straight-to-VHS mad science messterpiece!

In this 1987 Long Island export, insane genius Dr. Anton Lupesky has worked in seclusion to develop the experimental drug Anphorium, which allows its user to inhabit any fresh corpse they wish. But this medical miracle has its price, as it transforms its user into a rabid maniac bent on the annihilation of our species. This 86-minute epic of outsider filmmaking creates a unique, sometimes dreamlike suspension that’s punctuated with jarring moments of severe visceral hysteria. Though the actors are friends and in-laws and the sets are basements and garages, there’s an earnest devotion to truly unique storytelling that elevates THE SOULTANGLER beyond kitsch and into deeply unsettling territory.

If H.P. Lovecraft rose from his grave in the late ‘80s with a 16mm camera, ten severed heads and a case of Schlitz, this would be the result. (Zack Carlson)


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