Free Download of Three Cases for CC Brite

In honor of hating SOPA-I’m giving away a download of my film Three Cases for CC Brite.

This is a wmv version and it’s FREE!  But the link will only work for 14 days!  So get it now!!


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16 Responses to Free Download of Three Cases for CC Brite

  1. Gus says:

    Hi Guy’s just seen this post and have missed out on the download, I know your going to get this a lot but could you please re-upload the wmv for another 14 days. I’ve been eager to see the Three Cases for CC Brite and when I noticed I’d missed out by 1 day I was gutted. It’d be much appreciated, keep up the good work.


  2. frank durand says:

    Hello from France!

    And a couple of days too late, missed it, too bad … is there any chance to get the “Three Cases of CC Brite” for free after the link has expired?

    Would be great and if possible thanks in advance!

    Frank from France

  3. Andrew says:

    Would love a copy of “Three Cases of CC Brite”!!

    Any chance of making it available as a download on a free or pay basis?

  4. gilles82 says:

    Hello can possible reupload the short film three case for cc brite?

  5. gilles says:

    Hi i missed notice for download is possible to reup the free file of three cases for cc from Italy and i cant buy your movie thank you very much

  6. Gilles says:

    Hi is possible reup the file free version? i would like a copy of “three cases of cc brite”

    Thank you

  7. Gilles says:

    Why my comments are delete? i ask an reup of file

  8. Tom says:

    Do you ever respond to emails?

  9. Jane says:

    i’ve been waiting for this for way too long! can’t believe i missed it! how else can we go about seeing this flick?

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