Where were you in 92?

Okay, 93 or 2003 (but that didn’t rhyme).  Going through this ENDLESS pile of VHS, Mini DV, 3/4″, Beta SP, DVCpro tapes & DVDs…I’m finding that some of the folks that auditioned for Amusement Films over the years have made it “almost-famous.”

Jaime Andrew of course comes to mind (but she still talks to us).  Betty Ouyang had auditioned for us once as well (we loved her but the project was never made).  She’s too big to work for us now.  I also have a few others (but they might sue me if I mentioned them).

But we keep digging and we keep finding.

I hope to show a sample of how well the “re-mastering” is going.  I think I should post before and after clips so you can get the idea.



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